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"Dr. G's syllables are exciting and engaging. Each and every syllable pushes your mind and heart into exploring your thoughts, words, world, and world view. Her words are magnets that draw you into your inner thoughts and make you listen and respond and, perhaps, alter your view of the world."

Rev. LaVerne C. Williams Hall

"Some poems need to be mantras!"

Marcia Richter

"Dr. McDade was a precocious child who grew up during the turbulent civil rights era; it's no surprise she infuses her writing with observations of life's contradictions and ironies, always challenging the 'normal' ways of interpreting contemporary actions and interactions... The works of this literary master are apt for contemplation, enjoyment, celebration, and meditation."

Santiago Vega

"Dr. McDade is an extraordinary writer, poetry, and spoken word artist. Her social and political savvy is current and captivating. Serving a mouth-watering buffet of historical situations and subjections, her poetry educates while simmering and bubbling in spices of well-seasoned humor. Sensitive matters are easy to digest and even easier to accept and appreciate. Dr. McDade's work is a gift that keeps on giving as the reader savors the moment and looks forward to the next written meal."

Jacqueline Ware

"...a primary strength in Outside the Cave IV is its gamut of complexities which must be unraveled in order for us to have an inner drive to question, alter, and change tattered social, political, and economic constructs.

Minnie A. Collins

"Georgia's poems are really eye-openers that cause you to THINK, to open your mind to REALITY. She says what needs to be said. Many of us think it, but are too scared to verbalize it. Georgia puts it all out there in no uncertain terms, and we go hmm, hmm, hmm! I started listing my favorites, but noticed I was listing just about every one on every page... I cried--tears of joy and sorrow--rejoiced, 

Authors for Authors

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