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The Unlevel Field

As always, the poems of Dr. Georgia McDade are thought provoking and stir at our emotions. With words and craft, she conveys ideas and observations that we recognize while raising our consciousness. And then, it is the power of her words and her love of humanity that gift us space to dwell in the moment, savoring the words that turn to thought. This is a collection of poems for the time we are living in, and I am so grateful they exist. You will be too. Leslie Sager


Georgia's writing is direct, honest, and thought-provoking. This collection, especially the poems based on recent events, helps me see things from her unique perspective. Perhaps everyone should hear this voice. Liz Cherise


I really enjoyed these poems of Georgia McDade. She writes about everyday life, current events, ponderings on the world around her with a healthy dose of history sprinkled throughout. Give yourself the gift of reading The Unlevel Field. Mary Kemp

The Unlevel Field

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