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Outside the Cave II

She has a story for everything said one of her college students approvingly. Georgia S. McDade does not believe she has a story for everything, but admits few incidents in her life have gone unnoticed. Problems often appear when we notice characters and notice them differently. She believes we are always in stories though most of us miss the stories, don't tell the stories, or see no use for the stories. With McDade, however, it is as if she has a file that instantly locates a story to farther explain and elaborate a situation. From Mother's stories to the cards in Sunday School to the Bible itself through Shakespeare and so many of the great writers she has honed her storytelling abilities. Whatever she learned, she stored. When the opportunity arose, she selected the story, always with the idea that someone's life is the better for having the information whether old or new. Sometimes the information is simply a variation on a theme presented earlier. The many poems in this volume are filled with information that can make one happy or sad but always aware.

Outside the Cave II

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