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March 10, 2021

Updated: Apr 4, 2023


Today has been a wonderful day! It's the kind of day that screams, "This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24. First, I went swimming*--for the first time in a year! In 1987 I took a swimming class*--my third time--learned to swim, and continued to swim two to three times a week. Then came COVID-19*. Swimming was glorious! For a few minutes, I was the only person in the pool! I felt so very good. I have four more reservations. Second, I picked up my journals* from my six-month around-the-world trip--all five are now on the computer waiting for me to reflect and delete. Third, my brother got a vaccination this morning--in five minutes with no appointment! Fourth, I began my blog! For years I have been told that I should have a blog. I would tell myself I would begin, but, somehow, I never got to it. I occasionally write for the South Seattle Emerald; I regularly write for Leschinews.Until COVIDZ< I was doing interviews for KVRU (105.7 FM). I am working on two biographies and revising my dissertation for publication. By the time I do work related to the African-American Writers' Alliance and Mount Zion Baptist Church and a few more organizations, I don't have a lot of time. Oh, I think about these projects almost daily, and I think about how time really is flying.

As far back as third grade, I was writing stories. I can't recall when I wrote my first poem. I kept a diary for years. In high school and college, I worked on the school newspapers. Once in college, I spent much of my time writing assignments--I was an English major. When I joined the African-American Writers' Alliance in 1991, I began to write regularly. Founder Randee Eddins asked us to bring something to read to each meeting. I began writing stories that had been in my head for ages. Because there were no prompts nor restrictions, I wrote whatever I chose.

And then Donald Trump began his march to the White House. I don't believe a day passed without my desiring to respond to a statement he had made and/or my once-a-month column for Leschinewsand sporadic unsolicited essays for Emerald did not provide the space to answer as often as I chose. Sometimes I wrote in a journal; other times I made notes. I spent hours researching subjects. I admit that much of what Trump said I heard in sound clips on Sirius radio--especially Thomm Hartmann and Dean Obeidallah, sometimes Michelangelo Signorile--and video clips on Free Speech, particularly Amy Goodman and Sonali Kolhatkar I would often go to newspapers and magazines for more details. I would begin an essay and/or fume, but before I could complete one idea, another one, two, or three had been spewed.

I decided that I could write as regularly as I want and about any subject I select if I write a blog. So, today I begin "Georgia's Journey."

I love to go, and when I enjoy myself, I want to share the experience. Yet, I know some of the best, most instructive journeys have involved no physical but rather mental movement. Yes, I will respond to news items present and past; I'll talk about present and past. I love to travel, so sometimes I may lift something from a journal or contrast my experience with that of another time or person. I love the theater, reading, church, dancing, cooking,

get-togethers of most kinds. I'm not sure how long I can or will do this nor how often, But I do think you'll get a respite from whatever you happen to be doing when you stop to read Georgia's Journal.

So, welcome and thank you. Tell family and friends to read too.


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